Membership Payment System Update

A guide to switching from PayPal to Credit Card Payments

To ensure the smoothest transition to the Credit Card system here’s a step by step guide.

If you’re an annual recurring member you will need to login to your account and provide Credit Card details for your annual recurring payment. This has previously been through PayPal.

You will need your credit card details ready - Name on card, expiry date and the security code.

The steps are as follows;


You can login and manage your MWRLFC membership here


Yes, this seems like the wrong thing to do, but you must stop PayPal recurring and then start a Credit Card recurring, so onwards we go.

Once logged in, go to the finance section of your profile

Press this 

This stops PayPal recurring payments.

You should receive an email from PayPal to inform you this has been successful.
If you do not, it might be in your spam folder, or there is an issue with PayPal.
PayPal customer support

Your email notification will look something like this


Press this button


Then you will be able to renew your membership and pay via a credit card system.
You will then go to a screen with your profile details, please check the details are correct and update
 what needs to change, then press this button                      

Again check the details are correct
 and press


You should then see the credit card details section.

4 -  YOU'RE DONE !!!!

You have successfully renewed your membership for season 2020 and updated your preferred payment to credit card.
Please make note of the date 'Next auto renewal on' and check that it is correct.

You should receive an email notification about your 2020 membership renewal that looks similar to this

And you should receive a receipt via email that looks similar to this 

You can read the privacy policy from Stripe here


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